Retrospective on the 2017 Taipei International TV Market & Forum

The theme for the 2017 Taipei International TV Market & Forum was “Innovation & Variety Boosting Proceeds for the TV Content Industry.” Among vendors were television channels, production companies, animators, Chinese-language publishers, documentary filmmakers, local government film commission members, and AR/VR firms. For the first time, a booth for new entrepreneurs was established for up-and-coming creatives to showcase their works before the entire world. Some 78 vendors, the most since 2009, showcased 305 of their freshest and most exciting programs.

To expand opportunities for Taiwan’s firms in emerging markets, meetings and other activities were held for attending buyers from 22 countries, including first-time attendees the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, and Panama. Buyers from stalwart purchasers, including Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian nations, as well as those from expanding markets for Taiwan’s TV content in Europe and South America were also present. Among these, the number of Southeast Asian buyers was 45 percent higher than the previous year. The three-day event saw 1,047 business meetings held, or a total of 3,796 hours of discussions. As a result, deals worth US$12.8 million were sealed, a figure expected to rise to US$25.6 million (NT$790 million) as deals continue to be sealed after the event.

This year’s attendance spiked to 5,435, including 4,064 professionals, thanks to an increase in the number of vendors and the support of the TV content industry. The presence of industry and academia representatives helped push matchup meetings to their highest number ever.

Over-the-top content is a global trend, and with big data aiding the rise of IP content, cross-sectoral alliances between producers and marketers have come into fashion, while TV content has reached a new milestone by being broadcast across borders via Internet-based platforms. Three symposia were held this year alongside other events.

The first was hosted by Netflix Asia’s Managing Director Kuek Yu-chuang, who spoke on Creativity in Over-the-Top Content Creation and New Trends in Crossover Operations for Platform Providers. The second was delivered by Eurodata TV Worldwide International Sales Manager Zhang Bo, who delivered the presentation Big Data Analysis for TV Content in the Asia-Pacific and Opportunities for Multinational Cooperation. At the third and last symposium, Kingshine TV President Roman Lo, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance Vice President Lu Yang-cheng, and Taiwan Financial Assets Services Corp. Manager Jim Wu spoke on Content and Capital: Evaluating TV Content and Valuing Intangible Assets. A total of 420 audience members heard speakers stress the importance of tapping the power of over-the-top delivery and IP creations, as well as working with international partners to obtain financing. Using these tools, they said, would help vendors get Taiwan’s content before the world’s eyes.

2017 marked the first time the Forum’s organizers worked with the Cannes, Tokyo, and Singapore TV festivals to advertise Taipei International TV Market & Forum at this year’s Forum and Taiwan’s TV products post-event. The Forum was promoted on the websites of the Busan Content Market; Vietnam Telefilm; BCWW; Japan Content Showcase; DISCOP Africa; NATPE; TelevisionAsia Plus; Content Asia; Prensario International; and C21 Media. This effort helped more people learn about this exciting event.

Next year’s Taipei International TV Market & Forum will feature more of the same great services attendees expect, as well as an expanded roster of buyers from even more countries. See you in Taipei!
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