Retrospective on the 2016 Taipei International TV Forum

The 2016 Taipei International TV Form expanded on previous years’ efforts, and included the representatives of TV channels, production companies, animation firms, and Chinese-language publications. Documentary filmmakers were on hand, as were local government film commission members, and AR/VR firms. In total, 72 companies set up at this year’s event, a 63 percent increase over 2015, showing the confidence industry insiders have in the efficacy of the forum. At the forum, domestic industry reps interacted with each other as well as foreign lecturers and industry insiders.

Taiwan’s products were introduced to new markets thanks to this year’s forum, where buyers from 15 countries, including newcomers like Ukraine and Serbia, were in attendance. Southeast Asia accounted for 42.5 percent of all buyers, reflecting Taiwan’s emphasis on the region under the New Southbound Policy. Thanks to the active participation of foreign buyers, and to a new policy allowing buyers and sellers freedom to set up their own meetings, nearly 500 meetings were held over the two-day event, and a record number of deals were sealed!

In total, some 3,280 people took part in the forum, including 2,957 professionals, nearly double the attendance the previous year, showing the respect professionals have for the forum. After the show, participants were canvassed, and buyers and sellers invested some 3,002 hours in business discussions, while total trade deals sealed during the forum amounted to US$12.3 million, a figure expected to increase to US$24.6 million (NT$780 million) following the event.

This year included three International Symposia. These looked at how IP content is shaping the industry, changing old models of thinking, and spurring the development of new media forms. Creative ideas are overcoming cultural misunderstandings and national borders in various distinct ways. This has allowed Taiwan’s culture to spread all around the world. The symposia attracted a collective audience of 402, and featured spirited Q&A sessions. Participants especially enjoyed hearing speakers from Japan, South Korea, and mainland China share their experience with IP content. They gave attendees new perspectives on the differences in the domestic and foreign markets.

Following on past practice, the 2016 Taipei International TV Forum was promoted on the websites of the Busan Content Market; Vietnam Telefilm; BCWW; Japan Content Showcase; DISCOP Africa; NATPE; TelevisionAsia Plus; Content Asia; OnScreen Asia; Prensario International; and C21 Media. Thanks to this, more people learned about and were able to attend the event. The Forum provided ample facilities for domestic and foreign firms to do business in a comfortable, accessible environment as they learned more about the depth and breadth of Taiwan’s TV content industry. The Forum’s organizers thank all those who attended, and pledge to continue to serve the industry in the same spirit next year!
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