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2014 Taipei TV Festival

2013 Taipei TV Festival
Of the Six Key Emerging Industries being promoted by the ROC government, the culture and creative industry is seen as best able to bolster the nation’s competitiveness and spur an economic transformation. The cultural and creative industry can not only create value, it is also a core component of Taiwan’s soft power. In recent years, domestic and foreign sales of TV, film, and pop music products have hit new highs; these now account for the majority of the value of the cultural and creative industry. The guiding principle of the 2013 Taipei TV Festival is to market Taiwan’s cultural and creative soft power under the banner, “Media Converging, Creativity Blossoming.” The Festival also highlights the importance of Taiwan’s cultural and creative assets to film and TV. In addition to featuring TV, film, and other content providers, this year’s event will include publishers and cultural creators. Through horizontal, cross-discipline marketing of their products, and by forging vertical creative linkages, participants will be able to tap the vast potential of the convergence of film, TV, and the cultural and creative industry, opening up a vast new realm of business opportunities.

The 2013 TTF saw more than 6,146 visits by attendees from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, the US, regional neighbors from across Asia, and mainland China. Participants forged on-site deals reportedly valued at US$17 million, with post-show agreements worth more than US$34 million. The showcase raised the production value of TV program rights and broke new ground in global marketing business opportunities.

2012 Taipei TV Festival
Taiwan marks the beginning of the HDTV era in 2012, a year that forges new digital media trends and commercial opportunities. To facilitate the transition into the age of digital television and fully embrace the new business opportunities, operational mechanisms, consumer groups, and advertising modes its arrival entails, the 2012 Taipei TV Festival has invited leading figures from around the world to explore together the television industry's grand future. The event's theme, “Digital Rising•Vision Thriving” embodies the vibrant possibilities of the digital TV era while signifying the reshaping and rapid advance of Taiwan's visual contents. The transformation underway can be expected to bring forth a broader variety of fine added-value TV applications and contents, presenting periphery industries with unprecedented opportunities.

The 2012 TTF saw more than 7,500 visits by attendees from Europe, Australia, Africa, the US, regional neighbors from across Asia, and mainland China. Participants forged on-site deals reportedly valued at US$17 million, with post-show agreements worth more than US$35 million. The showcase raised the production value of TV program rights and broke new ground in global marketing business opportunities.

2011 Taipei TV Festival
The 2011 Taipei TV Festival adopted the theme of "Exchanging Vision, Enriching the Future", inviting TV industry buyers, sellers, and film & TV representatives from all over the world to participate. During a forum held in Taiwan, the international representatives communicated the shape of the future—an "Amazing & Dazzling" new vision.

The 2011 Taipei TV Festival had 84 exhibitors, a new record for the event. Representatives came from as far as Mexico, India, France, and for the first time, Peru. Equally noteworthy was a visit from the President of the Foundation of Hungarian Public Media, who led two state-owned TV station departments to attend the Festival. The host set up a "Film and TV Production Base Area" to introduce the "best shooting spots" and " financial assistance resources" for filmmaking in the cities and counties of Taiwan. It was hoped the Festival platform would have the added benefit of helping to drive Taiwan's tourism industry. The organizer invited TV personality Tammy Chen (陳怡蓉) to be the event's spokesperson and hoped that the "2011 Taipei TV Festival" would market Taiwan's cultural creativity to the world, allowing the world to see Taiwan through the prism of her dramas.

The Taipei TV festival has been visited by more than 3,000 local and international professionals. Through the charisma of dramas and precise interpretations of idols, Taiwan TV’s cultural and creative "soft power" is constantly creating new production value. The GIO has raised budgets year by year to support the marketing and exhibition of TV programs overseas. This year’s International TV Forum invited industry heavyweights like China’s Tudou and Youku, as well as Taiwan’s Global 4G. Asia Pacific VIPs gathered to discuss future business opportunities in the areas of market integration and digital convergence. Through the exchanges of global elites and analysis of film and television market trends, the development of Taiwan's film and television industry is expected to enjoy a future of "Amazing and Surprising" proportions.

2010 Taipei TV Festival
Because of the good feedback and increased business opportunities after the Grand Hotel’s lively opening in 2009, the GIO followed it up with the 2010 Taipei TV Festival. Representatives from more than 10 countries, 74 exhibitors, and nearly 1,500 guests gathered here, enjoying a warm exchange. VIPs from Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and China were all present at the event, which was again hosted in the Grand Hotel. With the theme of "Fun TV, Flagship Pilot”, the 2010 Festival fully demonstrated to the global representatives the excellent competitiveness of Taiwan's film and television industry.

The 2010 Taipei TV Festival was held not only to create business opportunities but also to market the development results of Taiwan’s high-quality cultural and creative industry, as well as its audio-visual industry. The exhibitions of transnational TV series co-productions and highly topical cartoons drew the attention of numerous overseas businesses, and the debut of the 3D animation “Taiwan Puppetry—Shih Yan-Wen” likewise garnered much attention.

During the 2010 Festival, heavyweight academic forums such as “The design and marketing of content for globalized Chinese television programs”, “Television brand marketing and integrated packaging”, “Post-Forum challenges, competition and cooperation of ECFA film and television industries on both sides of the Strait” were held. The forums helped put Taiwan’s film and television industry in step with with international standards, and accelerated the development of business opportunities.

2009 Taipei TV Festival
To promote Taiwan as the most important trading platform of the Chinese-language film and television industry, as well as an economic development paradigm for Asian countries, the GIO (Government Information Office) held the 2009 Taipei TV Festival, with an imposing opening at the Grand Hotel. The exhibition provided free admission for Taiwanese companies and included international exhibitors from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the US and other regions. In total, 57 exhibitors from over 10 countries, and more than a thousand international guests, attended.

With its theme of “Exporting Culture through Television and Film”, it was hoped that the 2009 Taipei TV Festival would promote the diversity of Taiwan’s film and television industry, as well as her unique culture, customs and beautiful natural scenery to the world, and help drive industry growth. Pop star Mike Ho (賀軍翔) was invited to be the 2009 Festival's spokesperson and to appear in publicity ads to promote the event. This encouraged the public to participate in the Festival, and was helpful in terms of raising the profile of Taiwan's dramatic works. Li Yapeng (李亞鵬), renowned artist and chairman of Springfield TV Company in Mainland China, also gave an impressive speech at the event. This was the first time for the star-studded Taipei TV Festival to be held at the Grand Hotel, and was by all accounts a great success.

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